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How to identify the quality of bearings and the fineness of manufacturing

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Bearings are often used equipment, but they are afraid to buy fake goods when buying. The following steps teach you how to distinguish between good and bad bearings and how to distinguish between good and bad bearings


Method / step

First of all, look at the bearing packaging. Generally, good bearing packaging is very clear from line to luster, and the font is in-depth and clear. The font of counterfeit bearing is very fuzzy because of its rough skills, and the color is easy to fade

Open the package and see if there is dirty oil on the outside of the bearing. When the counterfeit is treated for rust prevention. It's easy to leave thick oil stains, but the genuine product can hardly see oil stains because of its care and good skills. This is the difference

Look at the chamfering. The chamfering is the intersection of the vertical and horizontal surfaces. As usual, the chamfering of good bearings is very uniform and beautiful, while the defective products are very unsatisfactory and rough.

Listen to the sound. During the migration and transformation of the bearing, the defective product has noise, but the good bearing does not exist. Hold the inner ring of the bearing with your left hand, move and transform with your right hand, and listen to it in your ear to see if there is noise

Migration and Transformation: during the migration and transformation of bearings, the migration and transformation of good bearings will be smooth, while the migration and transformation of defective products will feel that there are foreign objects, which are not smooth

Weigh the weight to see the price. Good bearings and counterfeit products are also different in weight, because counterfeit products use different data, which will be lighter than in weight and much lower in price

After that, it is used. Good bearings have high service life, high bearing speed and high pressure. You can know how to use them